Legal Intelligence / Evidence Gathering

  • Pre-litigation Investigations
  • Pre-Litigation Intelligence Collection and Analysis
  • Evidence Gathering

We are proud of our ability to conduct worldwide complex legal investigative operations, maintain confidentiality, and achieve results. We are not an investigative agency, but rather a law firm with an international practice whose lawyers have gained substantial experience as investigation managers and intelligence analysts. We work closely with our clients’ attorneys, who continue to work on the case, coordinating between the client and us.

Carmon & Carmon ‘s strategies rely on both a range of investigative techniques and on custom tailored means, rather than exclusively relying upon a simple use of electronic databases.

Carmon & Carmon lawyers devise a client- specific field investigative strategy that includes both segments of Humanint (human intelligence) and Techint (technological intelligence). Our lawyers will also develop and then draw upon a network of confidential sources to gain information on the targeted individual or corporation. Concurrently, our lawyers search through publicly available local records, and employ other investigative methods suitable for the specific case.

We are experienced in locating qualified operatives in foreign countries, guiding them to the necessary information we need, then analyzing the raw data received and issuing further instructions. At all times we insist that local laws are maintained and that no unlawful activities will take place. Illegal actions are not only wrong per se, they may also contaminate the legal proceedings.

To facilitate the analysis of the intelligence data we receive, Carmon & Carmon has developed specialized database software. This enables us to digest, extract, and then cross-reference relevant information from thousands of raw data items that seemingly have no importance until put together in the right location in the intelligence “jigsaw puzzle”.

What we do not do:

  • Carry on or assist illegal or unethical activity. We must be satisfied that the legal investigation we are assigned is legal, and that it would not promote illegal ends.
  • Compete with law enforcement. We always cooperate with law enforcement agencies, while preserving attorney-client confidentiality and privileges.
  • Enter into potential conflict situation with our existing clients.
    "We have also recommended [Carmon & Carmon] to other U.S. Government Agencies (State Department, IRS, SEC, NEA, Office of Thrift Supervision, FDIC, US Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the US Postal Inspection Services)"

- U.S. Department of Justice
    "[Carmon & Carmon's] work for the Justice Department...has been highly professional and successful."

- U.S. Department of Justice