Carmon & Carmon

4th Fl

55 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Temporary phone in New York 1-(516) 214 6447

טלפון זמני בניו יורק 00-1-516-214-6447

E-mail: [email protected]

    "Although the lawsuit was totally unjustified, we thought it would be difficult to defend, but Haggai devised a brilliant defense strategy that worked perfectly."

- A memo from a top U.S. diplomat in the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the U.S Department of Justice.
    "We have also recommended [Carmon & Carmon] to other U.S. Government Agencies (State Department, IRS, SEC, NEA, Office of Thrift Supervision, FDIC, US Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the US Postal Inspection Services)"

- U.S. Department of Justice